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Bulk Withholding Quarterly/Annual File Layout  Instructions
File Layout
Describe the fields in your file using this section. Use the numbers on the left side to reorder the field (you can use any numbers you want - the fields will be automatically renumbered when you hit the refresh button). When using a fixed-length file, specify the length of each field in your file. For numbers, if there is an implied decimal, specify how many decimal places are implied. You may remove any non-mandatory fields that are not in your file by checking the box in the right-hand column.

Repeatable Fields Description
The repeatable fields area of the format allows entry of data fields grouped together into a repeatable field segment for reporting Credit Information, The number of credits is limited to the Certificates associated with a given permit for the time period filing. Valid Certificates are required for Filing Periods after August 2012.

Certificate/Credits Layout
CC - Identifier
Certificate - 12 digit certificate
Program Code - 5 digit code of credit program - include spaces if less than 5 digits
Credit Amount (10) - Whole dollar amount with leading zeros.

Example of 3 Credits (Comma delimited):

CC123456789012NJC  0000000100,CC123456789012SJC  0000000200,CC123456789099TJC  0000000300

Example of 2 Credits (Fixed format - add 3 spaces as filler for total length of 32):

CC123456789012NJC  0000000100   CC123456789012SJC  0000000200

Max Size
Client Business eFile Number 8 Text Field Required
Client Permit Number 12 Text Field Required
Period End [MM/DD/YYYY] 10 Text Field Required
Return Type 1 Text Field Required
Withholding This Quarter 9 Text Field Required
Less Deposits 10 Text Field Required
Less Credits 10 Text Field Required
Balance Due 10 Text Field Required
Penalty 10 # of Places:
Interest 10 # of Places:
Total Amount Due 12 # of Places: Required
Payment Amount 11 # of Places:
Payment Date [MM/DD/CCYY] 10 Text Field
Payment Method 1 Text Field Required
Bank Account Type 1 Text Field
Bank Routing Number 9 Text Field
Bank Account Number 17 Text Field
Repeating Fields
(These are fields that may be repeated many times at the end of each record)
Certificate/Credits 29 Text Field
Filler Fields
If your file has fields that are not mentioned in this data layout, you can add a filler field in its place. These fields will be ignored when your file is processed.
Add Filler    Position:
Press the MAIN MENU button if you do not wish to send a file or define your file layout. Press the REFRESH button to apply all of the updates that you have made to the current screen; you will be presented with the latest view of your file layout. Press the BACK button to change the type of file you are sending. Press the CONTINUE button to specify the file you wish to send for processing.
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